Ben Bradford’s intro into the music industry is about as interesting as his intro into the world.   “My mom had issues that made it hard for her to even conceive my older brother, so when she went in for a checkup because of some pain she thought she had cancer. The doctor was like ‘you don’t have cancer, you have a baby.’ And so begins my story,” the Memphis native jokingly explains.

“Perseverance” has been the action verb throughout Bradford’s life.  Learning the value of hard work as he has watched his mom spend every single day on her feet for 38 years owning and running her own hair salon.  “She and my Dad were partners ya know?  There were no traditional roles in our home growing up.  Each of them did what they had to do to take care of me and my brother.  Dad would cook dinner most nights and he would have me call Mom to let her know supper was on the table when she was working late at the salon,” remembers Bradford.

“They both told me to do whatever you want in life, but first get that damn degree.  That really stuck with me.

Not only did his hard-working parents influence the future singer; Ben’s brother played a vital role in introducing him to the avenue that would become his passion.  

“He bought me my first guitar, he brought Garth Brooks into our home, and the next thing you know we were harmonizing and singing together. Dad loved the classic rockers….The Eagles, Led Zeppelin, and Van Halen.  But country really spoke to me and told a story.  Till this day I play ‘Callin’ Baton Rouge’ to get me out of a bad mood.”

Having played baseball since the age of 3 and also putting his focus into academics, Bradford earned an academic and athletic scholarship to Christian Brother’s University after graduating 7th in his class.  Ben was given a summer job by the Memphis Redbirds AAA team as their bullpen catcher during his years in college. “I did that from 2007-2009, and even got a ring when they won the PCL the last summer I worked there.”


“The guys on the baseball team had me sing on the long bus rides to away games.  I was busy at that point, but the passion was still there.  The passion grew even more after Dad passed my first semester of college.  That was devastating,”

recalls Ben whose father had long-suffered complications from type 2 diabetes and died in 2008.  “I entered this Texaco Showdown on a whim.  One day while studying for a test, a friend called and said he heard my name on the radio as one of the top ten finalist in the state.  I went on to win second place and it was the reassurance I needed at that time,” explains Bradford. 

 After graduating with a degree in Biology, Ben made the trek to Nashville where he has been making music ever since. As a big hit on the sorority/fraternity circuit, he frequently plays Vanderbilt, Ole Miss, and Mississippi State and has been playing numerous shows across the southeast while working on his debut EP coming this fall.  “I’ve been touring, writing music and recording.  I am proud of my team and what we have accomplished.  I’m ready to put my music out there and get my Mom those knee replacements she’s been needing,” smiles the Momma’s boy from Memphis!