One of the most difficult areas that a facility manager needs to oversee in a large commercial facility such as an enormous hotel is the catering space.

A kitchen's environment is subject to a variety of strict rules, such as hygienic cooking, food storage, environmental health, fire safety of insurers who want to see evidence of cleaning and maintenance, if it is necessary to claim under an insurance policy.

It is likely to be a concern in the event of an incident of fire, which is one of the most frequently occurring risks to impact the catering industry and insurance companies' attention is usually focused on the care and cleaning background of kitchen extraction filters, as well as ductwork.

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Because every kitchen is susceptible to the scum of grease dissolving in the steam, and fire brigades have found ductwork to be susceptible to deposits and providing chances for fires to spread to other areas prevention is more beneficial than curing.

This particular part of the kitchen's equipment is thus an area where the facility manager must be vigilant in implementing a regular maintenance and extraction cleaning schedule.

If it is determined that grease deposits haven't been eliminated by regular kitchen extract cleaning, the person in charge of cleaning and maintenance may be liable to be prosecuted through The Health & Safety Executive using its fire safety rules.

In addition to all of this the fact that any inspection or failure to provide a certificate proving that the kitchen ductwork was regularly cleaned could be a reason to deny the insurance claim.