In recent times boutique hotels have emerged as the most sought-after guests' accommodation across the globe. The problem is that nobody knows the exact significance of the word 'boutique' or why the term is associated with hotels, or what are the advantages from staying in these types of hotels.

One thing that is very evident among hoteliers is that they know precisely what features or characteristics can create a boutique. The primary characteristic is not the dimensions of the establishment. You can search online to find the best boutique hotels in Queenstown.

Another thing that every boutique hotel should have is a fantastic service. Let me define the concept of "great service". The staff at a boutique hotel must anticipate or know ahead of time the requirements and needs of their guests instead of just responding to requests to respond. 

Understanding what your guests' needs in terms of time, date and how they would like it, and then presenting it in a timely way in the shortest amount of time is the main reason for a large difference between a great service and a top-quality service. It is for this reason that it is considered that the boutique should have excellent service.

With all of these elements to define boutique hotels could be: it's an accommodation that makes its guests feel comfortable and happy when they stay there, which makes guests feel exceptional, prompts them recognize that they need to return in the near future and causes them to be aware that the hotel is one that is worth sharing with other guests.