Gel nail polish is a new beauty trend that's taking over the country. The gel manicure was introduced in 2010. It is applied in layers and then hardens under UV light. The gel manicure is usually applied at the salon and "set" under UV light. Gel manicures last for up to two weeks, which is more than a regular manicure.

This polish dries quickly and hardens in minutes. The gel color can be applied in minutes and you will have beautiful nails without worrying about smudges. You can also consider using gel French manicure equipment for your nails.

gel manicure

Professional women who wash their hands often can use gel nail polish. Gel nail polish can be used for several weeks by doctors, chefs, and other food service workers. Gel nail color can be used to create beautiful nails for up to weeks.

Moving into a new house can cause your fingernails to get scratched or bumped. The gel will protect your nails from scratches and bumps during the packing process.

This type of polish makes it easy to create nail art that is easy to remove. Regular polish remover cannot remove gel nail color. Apply the base gel color to your nails. Next, apply regular nail polish to make designs on your nails. The base color can be removed easily with regular nail polish remover.

Gel color can make a huge profit for beauty salons. Women today want more than just beautiful nails. They want nails that last longer.