Homeopathy: A system of complementary medicine in which disease is treated with small doses of natural substances which, in larger amounts, will produce symptoms similar to the actual disease in healthy people. Many studies say that homeopathy also cures incurable diseases.


Since then, the effectiveness of homeopathy has been demonstrated in a large number of patients. The same principle has been studied and extended to all forms of life, including animals. Homeopathic veterinary medicine now has a growing market in both small and large animal fields with natural animal health course.

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People are positive about better alternatives to conventional medicine with better treatments and probably no side effects or contraindications. Homeopathic Veterinary Medicine for All Pets is the best option available that can solve most of the problems of poor pet breeders and parents, as well as veterinarians.

What are the regulatory requirements for homeopathic medicinal products?

Homeopathic medicines include medicines that have been proven in homeopathic studies and whose therapeutic efficacy has been proven through years of clinical experience, as noted in the authoritative homeopathic literature in India and abroad. It should be made according to homeopathic pharmaceutical techniques and also include a combination of medicinal products.

A license must be obtained for the manufacture or wholesale of homeopathic medicinal products. If drugs are produced, stored, or sold in more than one location, separate licenses must be obtained for each facility.