Detox or detoxification is a way to control acute poisoning and withdrawal from drugs such as marijuana (marijuana) or other addictive substances. Detox programs primarily focus on the physical effects of drug use. 

Cannabis recovery, on the other hand, is more of a long-term goal of getting rid of the drug completely and making major lifestyle changes. This includes both psychological and behavioral factors, and it can take longer than cleaning to pass a workplace drug test.


Cannabis comes from a plant called Cannabis sativa. The female flowers and leaves of this plant have been smoked, drunk, or used in oil in religious ceremonies for thousands of years. Today it is consumed more for recreational use. 

It is reported to be the most harmless and most commonly used banned substance in the world. Most countries criminalized its use in the first quarter of the twentieth century.


Used in society, mainly wrapped in cigarette paper to make "joints". The usual ritual is to light a joint, inhale it and pass it on to the next smoker in the group. Smoke creates a feeling of calm and euphoria. The senses are enhanced and everything looks feel and sound more intense when high.


Slanted time, making users feel like a few minutes could last an hour. Consumers also report "cottonmouths" and getting "bites". In other words, smoking marijuana makes you thirsty and hungry.