It's an established fact that a lot of people are unable to find the ideal hat. These are the best tips to help you look more attractive and certainly feel better. To maintain your custom hat looking the best you must take care to maintain it with care by keeping it in a place that the brim and crown won't be damaged.

Take a look at your style – Before you pick a hat, you should think about what look you want to accomplish. For example, if you're intending to pair the hat with a formal dress like an elegant suit, then you must pick a hat that has a formal appearance. 

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The summer season is ideal for hats that are made from materials that are lightweight like straw. The heavier materials are better suited for the winter months.

Proportion – The style of clothing you pick to wear with your look should be in the right place to balance the overall appearance. It is important to choose the correct style so that you don't overwhelm the style you want to create. 

Color – It is recommended to select an appropriate hat to match your outfit for a perfect appearance. If, for instance, you wear a heavily decorated outfit, pick the color of your hat that is in line with the dominant pattern's color. You can even search online for more information about hats and caps.