Good oral hygiene starts at an early age. Parents are responsible for teaching good dental care. To prevent future dental problems, it is important to maintain good dental hygiene throughout your life. 

Dental care for children includes cleaning, brushing, and flossing as well as fluoride treatments. Parents must visit with their children to adolescent Pedodontics in Vaughan for professional treatment. 

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Children's dental care- How to start and maintain it?

The infant and newborn years are the best time to start dental care. To prevent problems with the development of teeth, you can clean your child's gums using a damp washcloth and put them to bed with only water. 

Parents should change to a soft toothbrush once the first tooth appears. The child should see the dentist before all the primary teeth are visible.

Children's dentists often recommend that children be exposed to the environment of the dental office during a trial visit. Children who brush their teeth every day should feel comfortable with the oral exam portion of a visit to the dentist. 

Additional important components of dental care for children

Dentists recommend that children should be treated with fluoride professional applications at least twice a year. Fluoride tablets should be administered to teenagers by their parents.

Good oral hygiene habits are more likely to be maintained by children as they grow up. This will help them to avoid fillings or other expensive, painful and invasive dental procedures.