While it's true that most motor vehicles run on gasoline, a good amount of the motor vehicles these days are running on diesel, especially trucks. Like most things, diesel trucks have their drawbacks. Below are some of the disadvantages of diesel trucks and what you can do to fix the problem.

Combustion chamber deposits

Diesel-powered trucks are not able to burn off fuel flawlessly and cleanly compared to gasoline engines. This is mainly because diesel is made up of heavier and larger hydrocarbon chain molecules. These larger molecules have more energy versus shorter molecules, but they often run into the problem of not combusting completely.

The moment that these molecules don't combust completely they will leave behind deposits within the combustion chamber. When these deposits continue to build up in the combustion chamber, it will affect the efficiency of the diesel engine. You can easily solve this problem by having your diesel engine truck cleaned by a professional diesel trucks service.



When you talk about lubrication, it means the lubricating power of a particular fuel as it flows through your car's engine. When it comes to engine lubrication, most people think it's all about engine oil. However, this is not the case with truck diesel engines.

In diesel engines, the entire system relies on fuel lubrication to minimize wear on engine parts. By choosing the right diesel fuel, you can avoid premature wear of your engine. However, it is best to seek professional advice to ensure you are using the correct fuel for your diesel truck.

Cold weather execution

For diesel truck drivers, cold weather is one of the biggest factors affecting engine performance. This is mainly due to diesel fuel, which is composed of complex carbon molecules and paraffin wax molecules. The wax contained in the fuel contributes to the calorific value.

However, when exposed to cold weather, it tends to separate from the solution and form cloudy sediments. Not only does this reduce fuel efficiency, but wax can build up and clog the fuel filter. You can visit a professional for advice on the condition of your engine if you are traveling in cold weather. Ask about the ideal “cold flow booster” for your diesel truck.