All around the world people are paying big money to have professionals install their new copper rain gutters. The first step of installing copper rain gutters is not even installation, it is measuring, and it must be done correctly. All good construction starts with quality measurements.

You will have to determine the eave slope, which will be one-quarter inch per ten feet of installed gutter. You can also get the best information about rain gutter fitting through various online sites.

Gutter Installation

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If you choose to use less you will not have properly draining gutters in a downpour. The best way to mark this line is with chalk to remove material.

Cutting the section is the next step in installing your gutters. There are a number of tools that you can use to cut the material but snips are the cheapest and easiest. No matter what cutting tool you use, ensure that the cuts are straight. 

Uneven cuts can lead to a number of issues in the future. Cutting a straight line is very hard to do freehand, but if you use the correct tool for the job it is snap. A few dollars at the hardware store will get you a square, which will give you a perfectly straight and perfectly square cut every time.

Attach the hangers to the gutter no more than twenty-four inches apart and six inches from the end. If you put them further away then your gutter will have difficulty holding the weight of the rainwater.