People during chemotherapy need special foods to support their treatment. But it is challenging because patients will lose their appetite due to the medications. Also, if the condition is not treated well, it will deplete the patient's will to live.

Especially for cancer patients, they should take energy foods like carbohydrates and sugar. The reason is that carbohydrate-rich foods help release the energy that the body needs. For more information on cancer diets, visit

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The protein in meat products will only slow down the digestive system of the patient, so it is suggested to replace the food with liquid or powdered food if it is difficult to eat solid food.

However, some particular substances or foods have a connection to increasing cancer cells. But this information cannot be disclosed, especially about the type of food to avoid. The reason is that these reports are still in studies that have not yet been validated in observational human trials.

Some nutritionists said that increasing appetite is the best chance of survival. The National Cancer Institute published a brochure suggesting that the cancer patient should take care of their eating time by preparing snacks to be able to reach it easily. Sometimes, the realization of food plays an important role in making the patient want to try any type of food to supply energy.

Next, water is all that people need, whether they are sick or not. The chemotherapy procedure will significantly reduce the flow of saliva and cause a dry mouth. To remedy the side effects of chemotherapy, the patient should take a sip of water every few minutes to help him swallow and speak more easily.