In most families, dogs are more than just family pets. They are valued members of our family, a playmate, and protector. They give unconditional love and all that they want in return is to be loved and taken care of.

Part of this care is grooming. It is very important that you find the right person to groom your dog. Dog groomer services in Chapel Hill is not an easy occupation. It is difficult to work that requires adequate professional training and a dedication to dogs; it also helps if you truly like dogs.


Dogs can sense what type of person you are and will act or react according to what they sense. If you have a love of dogs and take pride in their appearance, then a dog groomer may be right for you.

It is, however, important that you gain experience with dog grooming before you start out on your own. Dog grooming experience might be gained through apprenticeship; therefore, it is wise to spend at least one year gaining experience from a well-respected groomer.

Grooming a dog is more than keeping the coat and skin clean and healthy, it also involves looking after the dog's nails, teeth, eyes, and ears.

It makes him or her look better and it contributes to both his and her mental and physical health. It is not just a luxury for your canine companion; it is also a health requirement. Grooming is essential both for the dog's being and for the owner's enjoyment of a clean pet. If you have a show dog, then you know how important it is to keep him or her groomed properly