If you encounter leaky faucets or a frozen pipe time, the instances of which require the installation of a brand new toilet are very uncommon for  someone, with the exception of  the plumber, of course. It's still a good idea to be aware of what you should do in the event that you require replacing your toilet. 

In the beginning, switch off the supply of water to the tank. You will need to flush it twice to be sure that all water is flushed down the drain. To ensure your safety you can make use of the sponge for drying any remaining water remaining in the bowl or in the tank. You can find the best toilet setting up services through various online websites.

toilet installation

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Remove the bolts and nuts which connect the tank to the bowl as well as the lines for water distribution. After this, it'll be simple to take the tank off. If there's an elbow that runs between the bowl and the tank then you must get rid of it first. 

Then, remove the screws used to fix the tank onto the walls. Take extra attention and keep the tank securely in your hands so that it does not fall when it is removed away from wall.

The next step is to take off the bowl that is fixed to the floor using bolts and nuts. The bolts are typically hidden beneath caps. You can remove by placing an screwdriver under the caps, and pushing them upwards.