Hatha Yoga is a special yoga system that was introduced in India in the 15th century. The word "HATHA" consists of 2 words which separately mean the sun "HA" and the moon "THA". But when the two words are combined together, they are meant to unite your sun's active masculine energy with your moon's feminine receptive energy. This unity leads to balance. 

This balance will bring great power to your mind and soul. Hatha yoga is very popular in the western world because it fits into the busy and energetic lifestyle of most people. It only takes 30 to 45 minutes, about 3 times a week, to start seeing real changes in your body and relieve stress. You can look at hatha yoga for beginners via sewallhouse.com/hatha-yoga-for-beginners to get various benefits.

One of the best things about hatha yoga is that there is no age limit. From a spiritual point of view, our soul is timeless and always young. When you practice with Hatha Yoga, you affect your entire system. It will make your body and mind stronger, and healthier. 

Before starting a hatha yoga class, you should always consult your GP to determine if it is right for you. Sometimes we are too interested in healing the body and forget that as humans we also need to heal the soul and spirit. Hatha Yoga can help in this regard. 

The prolonged practice of Hatha Yoga can help you recognize that a divine light shines in you. This awareness will make you stronger, more flexible and relaxed. The relaxation exercises involved in Hatha Yoga's practice open the "nadis" allowing your spiritual energy to circulate freely.