Bed Bugs become a nuisance around the world. They are becoming an increasing problem in homes, hotels, apartments, condominiums, dormitories and motel.

Attracted by warmth and carbon dioxide from the human body they can travel as far as 20 feet to find their next meal. Bed bugs use two small tubes for piercing the skin of their victims.

One tube releases in anti-coagulant while the other sucks out blood. They feed this way every five to seven days, but can survive for months without food. You can check out effective bed bug solutions to solve your bed bug problem permanently!

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Bedbugs have adapted to the perfect feeding machine:

  1. The first is their size that is less than 1/4 inch and flat. This allows them to get through a very small hole between rooms and easily hide from detection.
  2. The second adaptation is how often they need to eat. They can lie dormant for a year waiting for the next victim to come.
  3. The third is to increase their resistance to normal insecticides.

It is estimated that some of the reasons for the return of the bedbug is the changing way that exterminator's are using chemicals, increased world travel and the ease that bed bugs can travel. You can get more information about it via various online resources.