The branch of mechanical engineering covers the elements of analysis, design, manufacture, and maintenance of equipment or products that have a combination of electrical/electronic and mechanical systems. As experienced engineers, they gain experience in both electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. 

An item is a mixture or interface of mechanical equipment and its electronic controls. Engineering firms can work in a variety of fields, including new product development, applied research, or other entrepreneurial ventures. 

Advanced mechanical engineering firms work to design and build everything from simple filling machines to high-tech satellites and even very complex medical devices.

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The overall job of mechanical engineering firms is projected to increase in line with the average of all other occupations. There are several training options available to people planning an engineering specialization and interested in this type of work. These engineers are trained in technical institutes, public colleges, departments of colleges, and universities.

Most employers prefer to hire engineering technicians who have an associate degree or other degrees after secondary education in engineering technology. With a combined knowledge of mechanical engineering and electrical/electronic circuits, these engineers also work in the production of computer-controlled. 

Mechanical systems such as robotic assembly machines. They even work with such machines in factories and other workplaces. In most places, their work overlaps with that of electrical/electronic engineers and mechanical engineers. However, most of these technicians work for the computer and office equipment industry.