Although the term "NEBOSH" may sound like a great wrestling move, it actually stands for the highly respected National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health. 

People all over the world take NEBOSH safety and health courses – 65 countries in total. Although Nebosh does not teach, it does accredit every organisation that is authorized to offer the teaching. 

Occupational health diplomas can encompass many aspects of the workplace. Since 1950, both the WHO (World Health Organization) and the ILO (International Labour Organization), have recognized occupational health as an important aspect of the workplace.

Although the term occupational health has been reworked twelve times, the current version emphasizes the importance of providing a safe work environment for employees. It states that workers should not be exposed to any negative activity at work. 

These guiding principles are supported by NEBOSH Health and Safety. The first is moral. It states that workers should not feel in danger or under any pressure while performing their jobs. The second is economic. Legal is the third.

This is a key reason for improved safety and health over the past decades. NEBOSH Health and Safety takes this into consideration. Legal action can be taken if workers are not provided with a safe and appropriate working environment.