Healthcare often receives the request for a quote in the case of urgent Ceiling Hoist installation within the Aged Care sector; often an outcome of a difficult clinical situation that the facility is trying to control. You can also get more information about disabled equipment via

Recently a registered nurse was caring for residents returning to the facility following an extended hospital stay. The man had fallen in his bedroom and sustained a NOF injury and was then bed-bound as well, he had to deal with the common scenario of acquiring new heel pressure injuries.

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The facility pondered the possibility of having a first ceiling-mounted hoist system put in place. The goal behind the installation was to enhance the capacity of the staff to lift residents from the bed to the bed. Additionally, it allowed the use of a repositioning strap to aid with his new regime of pressure therapy. 

Naturally, the registered nurse believed that they would require straight tracks over the middle of his bed. But, after further examination, she decided to install the H-track installed. Why? It is because the H-track system could provide complete coverage of the bedroom. Its H-Track offers staff the additional benefit of being able to lower the ceiling hoist to the bed's edge and utilize a sling for lifting the leg when dressing the heal wounds.

After his return to the facility, however, the resident was being forced to spend more time in bed, while he healed from the injuries. The physiotherapists were capable of ingenuously using the ceiling hoist to assist during bed exercises to build his strength.