If you want to change your overall appearance by changing a facial feature, a lip injection can do the job. Some people are born with thin or asymmetric lips, but they do not have to live with it long because of this procedure. Most doctors use injectable loads and many of them involve using fats or tissues from your own body. If you are looking for a natural method, ask your surgeon of these types. You can check out the lip injections via https://freshfaceandeye.com/lip-injections-fillers/.

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Autologen is just one kind of lip injection surgery that uses your own tissue to fill in the area. This method uses collagen extracted from you and then sent to a lab to put it in injectable form. It will possibly be absorbed by your body so that the effects do not last forever, but you can always have done it again. 

If you prefer that synthetic materials are injected during the process, you have many people to choose from. Injections made with hyaluronic acid, which is complex sugar also found in the body, are available. These are gels injected under the skin. Perlane has a larger particle size than Restylane and may be more suitable for filling of deeper folds. Both fillers may be used together for optimal results.