There are four types of bail bonds in the industry. However, they can vary depending on where the bonding is being done. Four main types of bail bonds can be used to get someone out of jail.

The federal bonds, cash bonds, Surety Bonds, and immigration bonds. Each band offers a different way to release a person from jail. You can also find more about bond bails in Los Angeles online. 

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Continue reading to find out more about federal, cash, and immigration bonds, as well as how to get one in your city.

Cash Bonds

Cash bonds are used when a defendant, friend,  or family member asks for cash to cover their bail. The money is returned to the accused after they have completed the probationary terms for their arrest and appear at all court hearings.

Surety Bonds

Another popular option for obtaining release from jail after an arrest is surety bonds. The way surety bonds work is that once someone has been arrested, they can be taken into custody and another person, or themselves, can contact a professional bail bondsman to help with the bail process. 

Federal Bonds

These bonds aren't as popular as the ones listed above. They are only used when a federal crime is being committed. These crimes include embezzlement and tax evasion. These bonds are, for good reasons, more expensive than other types of bail bonds. 

Immigration Bonds

It is easy to understand the concept of immigration bonds. These bonds are more complex than most people think. Because they can be used for crimes involving foreign nationals or non-us citizens, they are very complicated.