The Internet has been one of the most daily used and sought technology which offers many a platform to work, assist others and help the earth become a better place to live. It is with the help of the internet that long distances have become shorter.

Thereby helping the less fortunate in any possible manner has become convenient for one and all. Nowadays people can make online donations to the underprivileged of charitable homes or non-profit organizations whose only aim is to help elderly people and children who need the educational, monetary, or emotional support of any kind.

Corporate donations have become an effective way in which many offer varying amounts of monetary assistance to people who need the same. There is a variety of nonprofit organizations and various charitable homes that have been functioning for ages and working towards the development of the needy and the poor. These organizations are helping underprivileged people for a social cause.

It has been the continuous endeavor of these institutions that many children and even elders have been able to fulfill their dreams of getting an education and to be able to make their place in modern-day society rather than having to work on the streets and selling small items for meeting day to day expenses.