If you have a large swimming pool, and a group of children is always more at home you use the pool. I also noticed that friends of my children who come to use the pool more likely to use the enclosure of a shower under the open standing shower.   You can explore more details about outdoor pool enclosure via http://coversinplay.us/retractable-pool-enclosure/.

Outside pool enclosures Are Good For Pool Owner

I insist that all children use the shower before and after swimming and that often comes with some old faces. I realize that they may want some privacy as they showered and changed, they get older and more self-conscious and embarrassed.

Outdoor shower enclosures are really easy to put up, and the plumbing to the shower if you don't already have one is simple. You do not even need a drain for the water to go down; I just had a concrete pad made with channels that drain water to the park. 

Of course, you can adapt to any kind of design as a warehouse down to fit the shower enclosure, but I really do not want the wood and people may get flaky, and then maintenance and cleaning are difficult, so I opted for vinyl shower enclosure which has two compartments. 

One place to keep towels, swimming gear and clothing and the other side to shower. Just make sure when you look at new outdoor shower enclosures that they are going to have enough room to be comfortable to move around in.