Common BMW exhaust makes are Ansa exhaust, Eberspaecher (OEM), Bosal exhaust, Borla, and Rogue. You can also find brackets, flange nuts, mounts, and hanger brackets.

You should always replace the exhaust system gaskets whenever you replace or repair the exhaust system or BMW muffler.

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BMW exhaust has a high-performance free-flow design that reduces back pressure to produce a considerable increase in horsepower. In addition to this boosted power comes with a deeper exhaust note that is distinctly different.

The Power Sound control on the muffler allows you to modulate a perforated baffle to customize the exhaust sound to your exact specifications (e.g. slightly more aggressive or less loud). The system utilizes factory mounting points, therefore installation is easy. They are made in Europe from the best stainless steel and are commonly backed by a lifetime warranty.

These systems are manufactured for high performance while still meeting noise and smog laws. Those three requirements are typically mutually-exclusive, meaning there's a bunch of hard work that goes into the sports exhaust. To start with, there is a selection of exhaust pipe materials.

On quality vehicles, you will see stainless steel, while mild steel is used on more economical vehicles to save expenses. Now the method of bolting everything together comes into the picture. Most OE BMW exhaust systems are welded rather than clamped to make leak-free joints.

The challenge lies is in manufacturing the mufflers and catalytic converters as highly flowing as possible while still enabling them to perform; specifically, reducing noise and also cleaning up the exhaust gasses, respectively. The OE BMW exhaust does a pretty good job, too. 

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