Vehicles break down at different rates, although at some point someone will find themselves in need of auto repair. Although wear and tear apply to the entire vehicle, it is often the wheels that exert the most pressure compared to other aspects of the car.

When you notice that your wheels are starting to wobble or you hear a rumble coming from your wheels, it is a clear sign that you have repaired the wheel. Wheel Alignments form part of the suspension of your car. It supports the weight of your car and reduces the number of times your wheels spin when the vehicle is moving.

Over time, wheel bearings experience a lot of wear and tear. It may leak and produce a rumble or thumping noise. Your car will pull to one side where there is a bad bearing, and when you set your car to park or neutral, it will move a few inches, even though it shouldn't be moving at all.

Get a wheel repair service done on your bearings before things get any worse. If you have experience in replacing wheel bearings, you can do the work yourself in your garage. If you are having a mechanic do it for you, it would be best to take your car to an auto repair shop and let them do the work from there.

On the other hand, if you notice that your car moves to one side, even if you are driving straight, you need to get the wheel repaired, especially on the alignment of your wheels. If you've recently hit a curb or hit a pothole on the side of the road, your suspension may have slipped out of place, causing misalignment of your wheels. He says that while wheel alignment is common in older vehicles, wheel alignment problems also occur due to improper handling of the car.

If you have recently replaced your wheels, make sure the bearings are fitted properly and that the angles of the wheels are aligned to your car manufacturer's specifications. Also, make sure your wheels are properly balanced when the axles are fitted to the new tires.