Protect your car paint from harsh road conditions such as stones, sand, road debris, and insect acids. The conditions you face every day devour one of your greatest investments.

3M paint protection coating protects your coating like no other and is transparent and nearly invisible with a lifetime warranty. The 3M paint protection layer maintains the beauty and integrity of car paint on vulnerable painted exterior surfaces such as the front edges, fenders, bumpers, and swingarms.

3m protective film

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This tough urethane coating protects against sawdust, insect damage, abrasion, and weathering without changing the appearance of your vehicle. This is a transparent thermoplastic urethane film that will protect your paint from the elements.

It also helps reduce paint splinters and error damage. It can also help increase the commercial value or final rent as your paint will still look great with a little bruising and other damage.

The material is non-yellowing and contains a UV protection agent that fights harmful ultraviolet rays that can fade your color. As long as 3M Paint Protection and Stoneguard are properly applied to the fully cured paint, the painted surface will not be damaged when the film is removed.

At 3M Trimline of Burloak, our experienced installers ensure that your 3M paint protectors are properly installed to protect your paint optimally over the years.