Access control devices (ACS) are only one way to allow anyone to enter and out of certain areas within an organization or location while keeping others out.

They can be used to protect a single entrance up to a massive network of buildings that may also include parking gates. Commercial Access control systems can also be used in conjunction with systems for time and attendance and other diverse degrees of protection.

access control

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ACS can provide more security which is essential for a variety of kinds of companies. In some countries, the use of an ACS is a requirement when negotiating contracts with government agencies.

Like all systems the access control system comprises several elements. One of them is how the authorized person is identified by the system, as well as the device that could be used to open the door.

A common device utilized in access control systems is keypads. Keypads are usually used in one door security right of entry and are the cheapest system. They're easy to use. But they're not as secure as people are prone to write down the entry code, or they might accidentally "lend" codes to someone else.

Another option is a reader for cards. For access to business control, these devices are often the most sought-after option. Card readers are easy to use, and in addition, if a user has lost their card, it's an easy task to disable the card that was lost and issue new ones.