Students from other countries who do not have permanent leave to stay in the UK or students from countries outside of the EEA require a visa for students to study within the United Kingdom.If this is the situation then

1. Receive an admissions letter from an UK institution

You can select the study plan that requires a minimum of 15 hours of study per week. Ensure that you are capable of following the program generally speaking, you must prove that you are able to provide the financial backing to pay the costs that the institution requires.You can hire Best Immigration Advisory Service and Lawyers in London. UK

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Collect all the documents you have to prove that you don't need to rely on public money to support your needs, which includes dependents. Bank statements can be helpful. A letter from relatives or friends already living in the UK willing to assist you will give you some credibility.

2. Choose an Immigration lawyer from the UK

You can certainly navigate the whole process yourself. However, visa issues and UK immigration law can be a bit complicated and your chances of success increase significantly if you work with an experienced lawyer.

3. Apply online for a visa or visit the nearest Embassy 

To complete a visa application online with success, collect the following information prior to logging in onto the Agency website:

  • Passport number

  • A photo

  • Visa fee

4. Request an interview time: At last Request for an interview