Get the high-performance metal parts that you need with the quality custom metal casting method you want. Companies like Jones Metal Arts can offer you the right custom casting services for your application. They can save your time and money by connecting you with the best casting manufacturers to meet your special production term requirements.

Metal casting advantages

Casting as a method of forming metals offers several different advantages. For instance, casting molds can be very detailed, yielding parts that meet exacting specifications. Additionally, some casting methods can allow for a very high production rate and requires little secondary machining.

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Special Casting Considerations

The factors that need to be considered for casting services include:

Quantity of parts/production run size

  • Tooling factors into time and cost for production runs. Advantages and disadvantages for each casting method can make choosing the best type of casting process difficult
  • Determining your production run size can help connect you with the right foundry. Foundries often specialize in high-volume or low-volume production projects
  • Delivery schedules should be pre-determined to keep the project on-time

Custom requirements and industry standards

  • Connect yourself with casting manufacturers who understand industry standards and compliance for your casting application

Casting design

  • Work with vetted casting manufacturers who have the knowledge and expertise to design a custom casting that meets your specifications, while designing a cost-effective casting mold.