One of the most well-known and recognized tones in rock and rolling is the Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi Fuzz Pedal. Electro-Harmonix introduced the Big Muff in the 1970s. Soon after, many top musicians in rock adopted the pedal's rich, thick sound and made it their own.

In 1982 Electro-Harmonix was shut down and the Big Muff was discontinued for a time. Original Big Muff pedals became collectible and sought-after. Many of these small pedal makers became very well-known and still make great guitar fuzz pedals. Here are some of the best boutique acoustic fuzz treadle that was inspired by BM.

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BMF Effects Aries Fuzz – The Aries Fuzz by BMF Effects is a virtual copy of the Big Muff. The Aries Fuzz is less tweakable than the Musket Fuzz, but still very musical. It has a rich tone and wide frequency response. This produces a very smooth sound that has a lot of sustain. It can also be used as a lead guitar tone. This is very close to David Gilmour's lead tone.

Earthquaker devices Hoof Fuzz – The Earthquaker Devices Hoof Fuzz pedal was inspired by the Russian-made Big Muff but has a cleaner, more focused fuzz tone. The Hoof Fuzz is equipped with a silicon/germanium transistor that allows you to adjust the tone knob. This adjusts the amount of middle-range for each tone setting. You can also tweak the Hoof Fuzz pedal.

Fuzz pedals are one of the earliest guitar effects tones, and they remain highly sought-after. Fuzz pedals are a common tool in creating distorted and loud guitar sounds.