In the aftermath of the global economic crisis that began in 2008, banks and advisors are challenged to preserve client capital. They should offer a tool that allows the client to understand the potential impact of market volatility.  You can find more about popular portfolio performance software online.  


Banks and Risk Analytics Tool

According to Steve Culp, global risk management practice of Accenture, the banks know they must continue to invest in risk analysis tools – including qualitative and quantitative processes and tools. A poll conducted by Accenture showed that about 73 percent of the bank's investment plans risk analysis; they plan to invest about 10 percent more than in previous years. financial modeling, data quality / source and system integration tool in high demand by banks.

Risk Management Solutions: Not One-Size Fits All

Most bank customers require customized risk management solutions. Culp said that the clients must commit to obtain internal expertise and resources to manage risk management tools. small banks lag in the acquisition of new risk management tools. Poor data quality or integrity of the results are less than ideal data governance. The ability to manage and harvest the data requires the client to integrate analytical tools in the field of data sources.

Effective risk management tools to distinguish the bank from others. sophisticated clients compare and contrast the resources offered by the banks for their use in portfolio and asset management.