Many experienced real estate investors find themselves in situations where they need more money than traditional lenders will lend them. This is where hard money loans from specialized lenders can be useful for real estate investing. Private money lenders may be called hard money lenders too. They provide short-term money. 

These loans have a strict repayment plan. Because of its strict nature, it is called hard money. These loans have higher interest rates than the market rate and fees that are charged upfront range from 4 to 10 percent. You can get hard money loans from a trusted California hard money lender which gives investors access to capital asset-based.

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The loan amount is secured with a collateral security. The interest rate is usually between 14 and 18 percent per year, and the loan term is typically six to twelve months. The hard money lender may require documentation of previous deals and credit reports in addition to the property as collateral. Before approving loans, lenders will inspect the property and make appraisals.

Lenders of hard money examine the intent of investors and the exit strategy. They also review the details of the property, such as its residential or commercial nature, and check the borrower's credit rating. In securing the loan, the lenders of hard money consider the financial strength of the borrowers.

Fees are determined by the risk factors and quality of the real property deal. Hard money lenders also scrutinize the plans for how the investors plan to use the money. It is recommended that borrowers prepare a business plan to secure hard money loans.