Vertical fan coil units and vertical wall fan coil units are used in multi-block buildings including hotels, motels, apartments, suites, schools, dormitories, hospitals and office buildings. We regularly replace old and inefficient fan coil units.

The stand-alone fan coil unit has a motor, fan, coil and drains pan. This stand-alone fan coil unit is ideal for areas not connected to larger air conditioning and heating systems. The fan coil unit is also designed to operate as part of a larger HVAC system and can be monitored and controlled from a central location.

Vertical Fan Coil Units: Vertical fan coil units are usually mounted on or on a wall, with a sound screen for quieter operation. Some vertical coil fan coils are master/slave combinations with two separate fan coils designed to work together.

Because fan coil units are vertical, they require limited floor space. This vertical fan coil unit offers quiet, efficient operation and individual thermostat control. Installation of the fan convector is easy and the module requires little maintenance and is inexpensive to operate.

The vertical fan coil unit can be wall-mounted and the module meets a variety of configuration needs. Five models are available ranging from 300 to 1200 cubic feet per minute.

Wall Mounted Vertical Fan Coil Units: Wall-mounted vertical fan coil units are designed for outdoor installation and are often placed under window sills in offices and hotel rooms. Whether mounted directly to or on a wall, we offer vertical wall and floor mount modules to meet a variety of configuration needs.