Masking Paper is a paper that is tightly bound with a multi-layer layer specially developed for consumers when repainting and repainting cars. Use of this product guarantees the highest quality results and protects the car from paint ingress and excess paint.

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Newspapers that were once widely used in car painting are too porous for this purpose and often paint gets into them. The poly coating of the covering paper, when used properly, provides complete protection to the surface it is applied to.

Masking products provide maximum penetration resistance against raw solvents used in automotive sealants, paints, enamels and clear coatings. It removes dust contaminants from the lint and works well with wet sanding too. The cover product is easy to withstand the attack of the powerful fan that is used to dry the car after painting.

Cover paper should be carefully applied to all unpainted surfaces and secured with the tape provided for this purpose. This product is available in a variety of sizes to suit any job. Narrow strips are best used on curves. The wide version is better for covering large areas of the car quickly.

Various tools such as paper masking devices speed up work and simplify the application process. The shut-off dispenser is available as a hand tool or an advanced multi-roll dispenser.