Nursing Homes are so important to the elderly once their safety, health care, nutritional care, and day-to-day living needs are being neglected. When an elderly person forgets to feed themselves or skip meals then the nutritional needs of that person are not being met. 

That is one reason why nursing homes are so important because there are three meals provided every day plus morning tea and afternoon tea. You can easily find skilled nursing facilities by browsing the internet.

Food is important for the older person to keep the weight on, and to prevent illnesses. Once they start to skip meals or make poor food choices then Nutrition is lacking and will affect their skin, their general health and give to weight loss.

Most nursing homes provide vital health care services. From doctors who visit daily, to outside visits to dental care, eye specialist, chiropractor care, specialists, and many other health care providers. The cost of these services is normally covered with a Medicare card or under the aged care pension card/veterans affairs card. 

Yet when elderly person is living at home by themselves these vital services are forgotten. A good reason nursing homes are so important as they have staff that organizes these services for the residents.

Once a person reaches a stage where they are no longer able to live safely by themselves and forget their basic needs then assistance of either home help or nursing care, or a nursing facility is very important.