Mold removal is an important step towards keeping a home and the people living there safe, healthy, and comfortable. Otherwise, there are good chances of some serious health issues cropping up like asthma,, which are caused by mold, rot, mildew, and dust mites. There are some companies that provide commercial mold removal services in Orlando.

Mold Remediation Guidelines

It is a kind of fungus that grows in the environment naturally. The is present everywhere and often creates a problem as the spores replicate within a building or home. Hence, as soon as you find out that a problem exists in your home or building, the next step for you should be to go for quick removal of it.

One can get remediation from any contractor, though it would do well to find a Greenville mold inspection contractor who can perform the task such as preventing the mold from coming back or spreading all through the home or commercial property. Below are the various guidelines that all removal contractors should follow. 

A new set of guidelines has been brought out by the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) that is designed to help homeowners and property owners on removal. The guidelines were established depending on the size and amount of mold visible to you. 

The guidelines are as follow:

The guidelines give information on whether special disposal suits, containment, and negative air pressure, face masks, etc., should be brought to use. 

Hence, for removal in an area that is less than 10 square feet, one can do the task themselves, only making sure that they use a face mask that has an N-95 respirator, gloves, goggles, and without the need to use containment.