Ever admired the flawless, shiny locks of famous celebrities? You are likely to have envied celebrities with fake hair. Celebrities use extensions to instantly change their look for special occasions. Extensions are the ultimate tool in the hair stylist's arsenal. You can find online the best human hair bundles for your requirements.

They can transform any bob into flowing, mermaid-haired hair in no time. If you've always wanted hair like your favorite celebrity, then you can speak with the hair extension specialists to get extensions. Here are some things you should know about extensions before you make that call.

Extension types

There are two types: permanent and temporary. Your final look, budget, and natural hair will all play a role in choosing the right extension. Tape-ins and Keratin Bond Attachments are permanent extensions. Double-sided tapes attach tape-ins to thick sections or natural hair.

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This type of extension can last approximately 6 months but can last up to a year if taken care of. Tape-ins can be used for all activities, including swimming and working out.

The Keratin bond attachments look very similar to tape-ins. However, this type of extension uses small circular strands to attach to natural hair with keratin attachments. The bonds can last for 6 months and need to be tightened approximately every 6-8 weeks. A keratin bond attachment appointment can take between 3 and 5 hours. It all depends on how many bonds you are interested in getting fit.

Clip-ins are the most common and widely used non-permanent extensions. Clip-in extensions can instantly increase volume and length. Clip-in extensions can be used to add color to your hair. This type of extension's lifespan is dependent on how well the strands have been maintained. They will last about one year if not used for excessive hair treatments such as dyeing, coloring, or straightening the extensions.