Before starting chiropractic care, it's a good idea to schedule a phone interview or request an in-office consultation to learn more about chiropractic care, clinics, and techniques on offer. You can get your appointment fixed with the leading chiropractor in Burnaby.

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For most people seeking chiropractic care, it is important to feel comfortable and have a good relationship with the chiropractor and clinic. It can be very helpful to have a positive treatment experience. 

Think of the things you are most comfortable with and use them as part of your assessment. This could mean how long you have to wait for your appointment, and how easy it is to find your chiropractor or the location of the clinic.

Answering your own questions is also an important part of the decision-making process. Some things you may want to ask are:

Is the chiropractor friendly and courteous?

Are you comfortable talking to a chiropractor?

How many years is the chiropractor in practice?

Choosing a doctor should be done carefully. Don't feel compelled to seek treatment from the first chiropractor you interview—some patients talk to many chiropractors before finding the one that best treats their problem.

Remember that the role of a chiropractor is to recommend the recommended treatment for you, and it is up to you to decide whether or not to accept that recommendation. You should never feel that your chiropractor is pressuring you to make treatment or payment decisions.

You should feel relaxed whenever you think about to meet your chiropractor not the burden of giving money.