Proven and original advertising methods such as television commercials and billboards have proven to be successful ways to market small businesses. While this medium is definitely effective, it is also quite expensive. For wax salons looking to expand, there are some unique and interesting methods that don't have to cost a fortune.

Event Parties: 

There are certain groups of customers who can get you a lot of business, such as bridal showers, quinceanera groups, and prom attendees. Bring your business to this market by attending weddings, targeting students attending proms, and more. This will give you several new customers at the same time who you can then turn into a returning business. Therefore, you can also take help from several salon marketing companies such as Chimarie available in the market to promote your salon business.

25 Salon Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Customer Base - Rosy

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Customer Loyalty:

Waxing and hair removal is an industry that requires more than one visit. So you need to be very focused on retaining your current customers and reaching new customers. Loyalty programs are the best way to do this. Print loyalty cards that customers can use to track their visits and each nth visit can be free or at least reduced. What you offer is less important than the fact that you reward the customer for coming back to you.


Finding a good wax can be difficult. Therefore, satisfied customers are more likely to let their friends know when they find someone they can trust. So encourage your best customers to give you new business by offering them a special discount or referrals bonus. Promote your referral program by placing vertical banners or other posts in your lobby.

Social Networking: 

Social media has taken over the world of the internet and companies can use this to their advantage. Starting and maintaining an active and useful social media page is a great way to interact directly with customers, offer the latest advice and information on the industry, and promote the new services you offer.