A website is essential to establish a strong presence in the market. Websites are essential for almost every business today. It is better to hire a professional web design agency if you don't have the necessary skills.

You must know what you want before you hire a web agency at mkewebdesigns.com/web-design-and-development/. When you have a clear idea of what you want, it is possible to ask the web agency questions.

1. Let me take a look at your portfolio. Good web design agencies should let their work speak for themselves. It is important to examine their portfolio to determine if they are creative and professional. 

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2. How long has your business been in existence? When it comes to building a website that is marketable, experience is key. A company with at least two to three years of experience in the field is a good choice.

3. How much does it cost to build a website? Before you ask this question, it is important to determine the type of website you are looking for. Are you looking for a static HTML website? 

Are you looking to sell products online and need an e-commerce website? Ask them for a quote once you have decided what type of website you want. You can then plan your budget based on the quote you receive.

4. What is the time it takes to create and maintain a website? This is to determine their capabilities. It depends on how complex the website is. It should take no more than one and a quarter months to build a simple eCommerce website. Set a deadline and ensure that they meet it.

5. What are your ways of serving your client? This will help you determine if they are sensitive and able to meet your clients' expectations.