When you are arranging a party for your kid, your job doesn't end after buying the cake and arranging the party décor. Party favors hold an equal importance. However, choosing which ones to add may be confusing. After all, you do not wish to spend a huge sum of money on them. 

For kids, anything that is shiny or playable is going to be a hit with them. Still, even then you will have to choose wisely so that the children can have something useful to take home with them.

So far, the most favorite kids party favors are Disney goodie bags or Disney gift boxes. These goodie bags can be filled with different Disney stuff that children usually like. You can buy these affordable Disney boxes by clicking here.

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Add some sugarless gum, yo-yos, animal crackers, colored pens, small cars, color sets, modeling clay, etc. in the boxes, and hand them to the kids as they prepare to leave. These goodie bags can be as colorful as you want. You can make them out of colored paper, or fetch better ones from the nearby store.

If you are not going for goodie bags, there are still a lot of options. You can get the Disney Dora glamour favors to present to children when they are going home. This is going to be a good choice if you are holding a girl's scout party or a girl's slumber party, because boys surely will not like the glittery bangles and girly earrings. 

Another great package for girls would be the princess glitter bangles along with stick on earrings and 7 princess rings for the seven days of the week. You can even present the sparkling Disney Princess hairbrush and mirror, and Disney Princess canvas art kits.