Child custody is a legal term used to define an official relationship that exists between parents and their child, including the duty and responsibility to care for the minor child every day and to make decisions about the child. You can know more about Child Custody Law & Family Law Expert via Attorney Lisa Meggs.

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There are two types of child custody. The first is sole custody while another is shared custody. In a solid custody arrangement, one parent will be responsible for the child the majority often and will have important decision-making authority over the child. 

Both parents share the decision-making process and spend the majority of their time with their children in a joint custody agreement.

How do courts make custody decisions?

In the majority of instances, the court will decide custody in the child's best interests in the event that parents are unable to reach an agreement over the custody of their child.

The best interest of the child requires the consideration of many aspects including the health as well as being the child's primary caretaker prior to divorce, the parenting skills, and their willingness to look after your child's emotional bonds between parent and child and the willingness to allow visitation from the parents of the opposite and each parent's moral equivalency.

Children younger than 5 years old will require shorter but more frequent contact with their parents. The older ones require a longer block of time with their parents instead.