Unlike the way most healthcare is provided today, Direct Primary Care centres on doctors spending more time and building closer doctor/patient relationships. A closer relationship means more personalized care and healthier, happier patients.

Commonly referred to by its acronym DPC, it is a fast-growing way for family physicians to provide high quality primary health care and it comes with an affordable, predictable price. Direct Primary Care has many advantages for family physicians, patients and companies that provide employee healthcare.

Old Fashioned Doctors

For the most part, Direct Primary Care returns us to the small-town medical practice of the past. When a physician provided everything that patients needed and became a part of the fabric of their lives just as priests, pastors and teachers did.

Back when your family doctor knew you, understood you and helped manage any medical challenges you had. They were available when you needed them. You could call them on the phone and they would even make house calls.

Today’s typical healthcare is mostly a cold and sterile experience with long wait times for shorter visit times. And that’s after waiting 2 weeks to get an appointment! Often patients see many different doctors or are shuffled off to specialists, which has caused a rise in conflicting diagnoses, prescriptions and often, poor health outcomes.