Having a dental crown is usually recommended for several reasons. You may have teeth that are cracked or in poor condition. Covering it gives it the strength it needs to stay in your mouth. If your teeth are broken or worn out due to decay, this process can restore them to their original state. It's possible that you have a large filling in your tooth that weakens it and makes it vulnerable to further damage. 

Covering it up can prevent it from falling apart again. You can also use it for cosmetic reasons to make your smile look brighter and healthier when your front teeth are badly discolored or nerves die and look dead. A dental crown at WestonDentalSpecialistsGroup can be made from a number of materials. The former consisted of an alloy of gold and other metals which were naturally visible in the mouth and were therefore not used very often. 

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Although they can last the longest because of their strength, they are often disliked because of their appearance. Before a permanent crown is placed, the temporary crown must be installed. This is to protect all the work on your teeth before the final job is finished. 

While it is made by the dentist while you are sitting in the chair while the others need to be separated from the surgery to fit your mouth. This can take a while. You can get several dental x-rays before doing any basic work. It shows exactly where the work needs to be done and how long the damage will last. It can also indicate if there is an infection that needs to be cleared up before any major work can be done.