Clothes define who you are. So the better you look, the more you get noticed; well, at least, that is the way how the urban world treats us these days. However, what would be your ideal choice for buying clothes? Do you prefer online shopping or the typical brick-and-mortar shop scouting for the best available clothes? 

Well, here is what might come in handy to help you make your wish come true in the form of wholesale urban clothing. You can also consult wholesale suppliers to buy a good number of clothes online.

In case you are looking at getting wholesale clothing for your personal wear or to resell, you can look at some tips below.

1) Firstly, you have to have a clear cut idea of what kind of clothes you want to purchase, whether it is shorts, jeans, polo, or all of them;

2) Research your target market thoroughly it's easy just look at what your potential customers are wearing;

3) In case of a particular designer brand you are looking out for, note them in a list before you start out purchasing;

4) Have an idea of the retail price of the clothes you want to buy so that you can bargain the wholesale price accordingly and stay within your selling price limits;

5) Find the right wholesaler online one who offers clear guarantees of authenticity and a clear return policy;

6) Make sure whomever you choose has a published phone number, address, email and is not just some guy in a faraway place hiding behind a website.