Good health is an invaluable asset to any individual. Like many others, you would love to invest a significant amount of money to get fit and healthy.

So, it doesn’t make sense to think for long when it comes to buying a health insurance policy to protect you and your family against the medical expenses incurred by major health issues.You can check this link to get the best health insurance.

How to claim health insurance from your employer?

Health insurance plans are specially designed to provide you with financial security when you are under any severe treatment. They come to you as a real help when you are surrounded by the rising hospital bills and doctor’s fees.

Right health coverage ensures that you will get the proper medical attention when you need it the most. They enable you to bear the cost of different activities like visiting your doctor for regular medical check-ups, attending critical surgeries, and taking even emergency treatments.

Types of Plans:

There are two types of health insurance plans provided by many insurers – The indemnity plan and the managed care plan

Indemnity Plan – Also known as the fee for service plans, indemnity policies provide users with the wider flexibility and freedom under which a policyholder can choose a doctor, hospital, and other medical service provider of his choice. Illnesses and accidents are covered under this kind of plan, which doesn’t include the preventive care like birth control and flu shots.

Managed Care Plan – These health insurance plans differ from the previous ones in terms of many ways. Under this coverage, only those who have contracts with the Health Maintenance Organization are entitled to choose doctors, specialists, healthcare facilities, and other medical service provider. This plan also covers the mental health treatment and preventive care.