Let's face it, Edmonton has some of the worst road conditions in the world. Gravel, salt, sand, and construction fall are just some of the details I go through daily. These minerals collect in the corners of our vehicles over time.

This neoprene rubber and petroleum-based base permanently covers the chassis and can be used for both new and used vehicles. If you are looking for car undercoating then you can contact JR auto detailing.

car undercoating

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Our underbody dampers reduce road noise and vibration and offer up to 40% quieter, smoother driving. This protects against excessive temperature conditions – cooler in summer, warmer in winter.

This primer is self-healing too, which means it is resistant to cracks and scratches. We also offer a great lifetime guarantee! Undercoating Noise Canceling has been shown to improve performance when used with Rust Proof.


1. Asphalt rims protect moisture and road salt and protect from air pollutants that stick to metal parts of the car.

2. Expansive synthetic resin ensures toughness and adhesion

3. Neoprene rubber ensures elasticity

4. Magnesium and zinc oxide galvanize when rock is broken or crushed.

5. Self-medication

Protect the most critical areas of your car with the good car undercoating. The underside of your vehicle is one of the most exposed areas of your vehicle.