Like all culturally-inspired forms of art, Judaica Art holds a special place in the hearts and homes of those who identify themselves as being Jewish. Thanks to the modern conveniences of online shopping, you can now buy your favorite Judaica and Jewish Art in Israel, or anywhere in the world where the artist is located.

Top 3 Jewish Artworks That Could Actually Serve A Practical Purpose of Preserving Religious Rituals:

The Mezuzah

Oh, mezuzah. The beautiful token for the world that belongs to you is the door to the Jewish home. As for Judaica art, the mezuzah is actually one of the greatest opportunities to show the world your style – be it a burst of colored ceramics, an intricately carved metal box, or even a rock shaped like the land of Israel.

Shabbat Candlesticks

The Sabbath candlestick is another very practical piece of Judaica art that is used every week. The type of Shabbat candlestick you choose says a lot about your sense of style, whether you have lit one, two, or all candles filled with candles.

The Ketubah, Jewish Marriage Contract

This is certainly our favorite art form in Judaica. You will only be married once, and what a wonderful way to celebrate your wedding every day by hanging a stunning ketubah on your wall.

In the context of traditional Jewish law, signing the ketubah at marriage and maintaining your position throughout your life together is essential to keeping a marriage valid and binding.