When mowing grass it should be remembered that the grass must be no longer than 7.62 cm high. During specific seasons you may be needed to be more involved in your lawn maintenance than in different seasons. For instance springtime, your grass may develop more quickly than in the summertime.

It is necessary to aerate your lawn during the spring and fall seasons. You can get the lawn maintenance services via https://pooleslawn.com/.


When you add gas and liquid to make the air in the soil to make it a better quality of the soil. This will also assist to reduce soil reduction.

Lawn maintenance can be rigid but when thinking of forgetting a step you may notice the bad impact it can have on your lawn. Aerating the landscape helps the grass to consume water and nutrients more suitably as well as helps to eradicate thatch build-up.

The most suitable time to fertilize hay to keep it healthy would be in the fall and spring. When trying to get the highest landscape maintenance you need to use a fertilizer that has a very mild-release to it. This will allow your yard to stay greener for longer.

In the summer months, you will like to test your soil. The method to test your soil for insects is to take a 0.09 square meter part of grass and lift it with a spade and calculate the number of insects that are below.

When counting the insects 5 or more would mean that you should feast your lawn with an insect treatment. Remember with any yard maintenance product read and observe instructions carefully.