Over the years, the sign industry has evolved. The sign industry is using a new and fun material with great results. Photo-Tex is a material that allows a wall graphic, such as a mural, to be reusable.

The sign industry has a new technology that allows people to express their individuality. One can easily take a photo of oneself and make it into a large-sized wall graphic. Parents often take photos of their children when they are playing sports, ballet, or dancing, and many do so while the kids are performing. 

Parents often take their children's photos to the local discount or photography shop to have the film developed into 5×7 pictures. You can submit your photos now to create custom wall graphics, wall & floor graphics, or wall decals in life-size. 

These graphics can be made in any size, from small to large. A poster or graphic can be made of your child, in life-size. You can reuse the graphic multiple times and transfer it to other walls without losing its sticky adhesion if you choose a photo text wall graphic.

Imagine that you're hosting a birthday party for your child and that you have placed your child's graphic of life in the room where they are celebrating. Your child would be shown to the guests at different stages in their lives. You can remove the graphic from the room after the party ends.