The three-part weed grinders are very popular among marijuana users, having both a chamber for your freshly ground herbs and a chamber to store your kief as well. Weed grinders come in many different sizes and different types.

Depending on the store, you can find small weed grinders, large weed grinders, plastic weed grinders, and even automatic weed grinders that also roll a joint for you in the meantime. Herb grinders come in four different types of materials: plastic, metal, wood, and stone. Let's look at these and other types of grinders.  

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Plastic Grinders

A plastic grinder is commonly viewed as a low-quality type and is usually bought for a modest price when it is an emergency. The teeth and body are usually made from plastic. This low-cost option tends to wear out and break easily.  Plastic processors are not intended to last for an extended period. 

Metal Grinders

Metal grinders are more durable than plastic grinders and are more adept at getting the job done. That is why the metal grinder is the number one choice for grinding up weed.

This type of grinder is usually made from aluminum to facilitate cleaning. Metal grinders are durable and as a result, are able to break down cannabis perfectly no matter how dense the buds are. The KLIP is an example of a metal grinder that is particularly effective, with a magnetic design that makes grinding cannabis effortless. 

Stone Grinder

A stone grinder is a very niche type of grinder and is uncommon. Its teeth are made from a sturdier stone or metal. While these grinders are beautiful to look at, they can be heavy, and gunk up easily making them less functional over time. 

Wooden Grinder

The wooden grinder, like a stone grinder, is more durable than plastic, but also not built for the long haul. Typically, the teeth are narrow and made from aluminum, making them stronger than a grinder of stone. It can be harder to clean a wood grinder as having it wet causes the wood to warp, making the grinder useless.